Thursday, April 30, 2015

AVENGERS WEEK! Invincible Iron Man

Here is the next Avenger up, the number two in command and the only reason we have an Avenger movie series because of the success of the franchise. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN!!!

This was probably the most difficult to try and get right. Probably because I'm not used to drawing robotic and non organic shapes. I did have fun inking this because I got to create all these organic shapes inside the armor to imitate a reflective shiny metallic surface.

I enjoyed this process. I might do another "metal" character for some fun inking technique practice.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Avengers Week! Thor!

Next up in the Avengers piece, The thunder god, and pantene pro v commercial spokesperson THOR! This was pretty fun to draw. Crazy organic lines everywhere.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Alright guys, because the Avengers movie is coming out this weekend I will do a re tribute (cause I already sketched these guys but since I'm doing it in a different style) to the team. I want to do one a day till friday or thursday midnight for you uber fans. Starting off with the biggest and strongest avenger and maybe the whole mcu (if you count planet hulk when he gets as big as a planet) THE INCREDIBLE HULK!!!

I lifted his head on the final color because i didn't want him to feel like he had a short neck and all traps.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Hey Guys,

i've been meaning to post this a week ago but I just got super busy. I should've posted it right after watching the Netflix show because that show is one BA origin story. I'm not sure if I like the suit... maybe because I'm not a big fan of the armor one in the comics (but it's definitely an improvement on the current design). But I will have to say the Affleck suit was more BA than this one. I hope they delve into more character development with DD in the next season. The delved into it a little bit but I like the dynamic that he's catholic and he struggles with being a religious person and this vigilante.  Those who have read the comic (thanks to frank miller) DD's story just gets even darker. Nice change of pace for marvel and I would like to see DD make it into Civil war. At least a cameo since they live in the same universe.
But anyway here is my DD tribute. So I will hold myself accountable as will anyone else who will check out my blog that the next two weeks, I will redo the avengers sketches I did a while back ago to newer ones. I want to practice inking and anatomy and more dynamic poses so Keep an eye out for that, since Avengers is coming out that will be my TRIBUTE cause i'm super excited. Otherwise hope you guys like these.

here's the full color. I really liked how this turned out.
This is the inked version, I will take any feedback from my artist friends or any other artist on how to ink better. Always working to get better
and here is my sketch (with the clean line on to) I added the gargoyle after.