Sunday, April 28, 2013

Badass Sloth

Hey Everyone!
here is a tshirt design this week :D A buddy of mine asked me to do a tshirt design for his unit. I'm not sure if it's some sort of inside joke with his unit but he wanted a picture of a sloth holding two glocks haha. The notion just sounds silly because sloths are lazy animals but it looks silly too.
So I did my first pass (bottom) looking like how sloths look... goofy... and the note i got back was could you cross his arms more and make him look mean! the final doesn't make me laugh as much but my buddy liked it. He hasn't given me the info if he showed it to his unit yet, but if they like it, at least I'm getting a tshirt out of it. Oh and I guess STU One is their unit name.. i'm guessing i didnt bother to ask hahah :D enjoy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


heres another disney sketch. i wanted to try to do this and it was really hard to do but a little fun. I wanted to see if i could get a little likeness to animal characters and have them resemble or be modeled off of people i know. my sister might not like it cause i turned her into a gorilla.....well then you can say its a portrait of nico (my nephew). :D isn't he a cutie. maybe if i have time ill do another one as people....or if they paid me hahaha

here are the photos i used for reference

Monday, April 15, 2013

Robot Man?

Hello all, a little late with this but it's ok, it's a monday morning sketch then :D Last week I felt so uninspired to find something that interested me enough to paint or draw, so I started just doodling on the bart, and this came out. I kind of like it. I guess he's got to be some sort of half robot half human character (my old professors would yell at me about creating a character without knowing their story or what they really are) BUT HEY.... it was a doodle that turned into a cool sketch. Hopefully I'll turn it into something more later, but for now, enjoy!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Walking Dead Tribute - Michonne

Well i was hoping to do a walking dead tribute last week but it being easter i had sketch a bad ass bunny. Last week was a samurai bunny and here's a modern day samurai (if zombies walked the earth) Michonne from walking dead.Guess doing some of these sketches throughout the summer will keep me occupied til next season :(

heres the black and white sketch i did before moving into the colored version.