Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Today the world mourns the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I was not a big Star Trek fan, if anything I was a Wars fan... YES THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE YOU NON NERDS! :D 
But anyone who understands, for lack of a better word "nerd culture" Leonard Nimoy is a big part of that world. Science fiction, science fantasy is big all because of Star Trek. And Star Trek is basically synonymous with SPOCK. The convention scene would have not become so big because of stars like Mr Nimoy back in the day going to these conventions for the fans.
Here is my tribute for a man who truly LIVED LONG AND PROSPERED. Thank you Mr Nimoy for what you have contributed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Brother and Best Man

Alrighty, time to continue with my vinylmation pieces. Here was the 2nd vinylmation I made for my brother, who I asked to be my best man. I originally was going to paint him the same suit color as the other one but I wanted to have some fun and paint it differently.

Here he is standing next to me!

 I created this box for both him and my best friend

 here is the turnaround of his figure

and here is the photo i worked with

Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl XLIX WINNER....ugh....MVP... 76ERS!!!

WOW..... for a superbowl that I wanted to say is THE WORST superbowl for me, if you have worked with me or even spoken to me about football the past 10 years.... i dislike the patriots. Basically after tuck rule.... Raider fans would know what I mean. And they were playing my teams NFC west rivals the seahawks! Normally I would root for the team playing against Tom Brady and Belichick but I guess the past three to four years I have disliked the Seahawks more. The last time it was the pats and Seahawks I rooted for Matt Hassleback and Shawn Alexander (YO 12TH MAN.... Do you know at least those two seahawks?) 

The football game last night was actually a really good game. I saw myself rooting for a team I just loathed for the better part of a decade. This piece I drew was actually supposed to be a superbowl piece with a seahawks player on the other side. It was actually going to be Richard Sherman, but I just didn't meet the Sunday Deadline. I might actually draw sherman anyway (crying HA! just kidding).

Because I disliked Brady for most of his career, cheering for him yesterday was a nice way to say, yes you're a damn good qb, but you're no montanna :D If you hear me hating on the patriots thats just me speaking to my discontent of that team but I always have spoken volumes of the pats organization if I'm discussing FOOTBALL because i respect the system that's in place there in New England. I always said it wasn't the players, it was the system and the coaching in place that makes that team great (making brady look great. If Matt Cassel looked good in NE will.... COME ON!). I feel brady was a good qb who was always in great teams (number 1 defense how many years again?) But you can't refute his greatness as an NFL qb if he has 4 Superbowl rings. So hey, what I am saying, Good Job Brady, if you pull a John Elway and walk away after winning it big, I don't think anyone will blame you, but the way you play football, I see you playing at least 2 to 3 more years. With a young football team there in New England, we could potentially see you at the show one more time.