Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Mother

This week's sketch is sort of a "SPOILER" This was the talk of the week, and I wanted to sketch her out. When I first saw the "mother" in the season finale of how I met your mother i thought to myself, awwww come on ted falls for her!!?!? But after doing this painting and finding reference material for Cristin Miloni who is credited as "woman with the yellow umbrella", she definitely has that girl next door look. She is very definitely a cutie, and I can't wait to see how ted falls in love with the mother of his children

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Alrighty, I guess not many people like War Machine, but here is the man you all have been waiting for... not the most popular comic Billionaire (we all know who is :D ), but Marvel studios shows us he is damn popular with another week of strong earnings and number one in the box office. The more i think about it, iron man 3 pisses me off haha. But i still recommend all to see it. IRON MAN! This is the super hero that started the marvel comic movie boom, and I hope it continues to go stronger in this phase two of the marvel universe. More Marvel heroes to come... stay tuned :D

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Alrighty, everyone knows what this weekend was... Cinco de mayo DUH! But it was also the theatrical release of Iron Man 3. I actually liked War Machine better than Iron Man when I was a kid. Maybe it was because he had a gatling gun and was tricked out with a bunch of other weapons all over him, or because he wasn't Ronald McDonalds Colors, but War Machine is one bad ass mofo. Stay Tuned, maybe a certain billionaire will end up as a sketch. But I saw iron man 3 today, i was very entertained (better than 2) liked it a lot, but of course I could be super upset with the chance they had to be true to the Mandarin character. Oh well, maybe they'll do a reboot or do the real Mandarin for the Avengers movie. But I'd see it if you liked the other Marvel movies.