Friday, December 13, 2013

Vinylmation - My Partner

Hello Ladies and gents,

im assuming you all loved my first vinylmation but here it is. My second vinylmation. I prepped two vinyl toys because I knew and here is the other random one I stripped paint off of. This was my next victim. :D

After I spray painted and primed the figure, I stuck her head on a stick and started painting. Here it is. It was definitely much easier this time. I was able to apply a much smoother coat of paint and I didn't do much sanding because i didn't mess up as much. 

creepy when they're not completely done huh? Ahhh no pupils!!! So I stuck her head onto the body just to see if how it looks. OOOOO getting excited again. It's turning out awesome and it's looking much better than my first attempt.

Then i found out that there was a new vinylmation mold. Disney released these vinylmations in summer and I didn't know about them. I'm assuming they are going to use this "minnie mold" and make the princesses with them. But i had to take this opportunity to grab some of these and make my fiance with the minnie body instead. So here is the one that I got and a photo of it with the paint stripped off. Sucks that it's not transparent but whatever I'm going to paint over it anyway.

Here's the final product. Cute Huh? 

Also added the 5 point turnaround

Stay tuned for a professional photo session of these two at disneyland HAHAHA

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My First custom Vinylmation - Step 3 Painting!

Alrighty, what you all have been waiting for the final painted product. This isn't it obviously. If you saw my last post this was my first pass. The colors were wrong, the paint was blochy, omg i was so sad after looking at it because it looked nothing like my concept drawing. 

But of course i have to show you what happened after that first pass. Ahhh that scared me. So the inner painter in me just said, why am I trying to do a paint by numbers painting (especially because it's looking horrific) and i should just paint the skin tone and just paint on top of that the face features. For those of you who aren't artist when I say paint by numbers, think of a childs coloring book that marks what colors go in what section.
So here was my second pass, I painted over the last monstrocity and got something closer to what I wanted. I didn't get skin color right yet, but the eyes were starting to look like my draing. I wish i took more pictures before the next photo, because it was a battle of painting over and over the same spot I actually had to take some sand paper and sand down all the paint starting to pile up on the figure.

Well here is the head. Got the colors that i wanted and the features pretty close to my sketch. When I got to this point i got super excited! I thought to myself wow, I almost pulled it off. Although there is a ton of paint on the figure and i wasn't able to sand it all down so it's not as smooth as i would like. But it was starting to come alive!

I took all the pieces and i used a gloss spray paint. In retrospect i probably shouldv'e Painted it with the same kind of paint I used but i wanted a more even coat than what I got. LOOK IT'S A MOUSE BURGLAR hahaha. 

Some last Minute touch up on the jacket painting on the lapel and the undershirt and the cuffs. And wow, he looks ready!

Here's a full turnaround of the figure. No I did not make 5 of them HAHA.

If i decide to do more of these, I will definitely post a pic of the person I did the vinylmation for holding it. First custom vinyl toy.... CHECK! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?! Did I pull it off? Stay tuned for my fiance's vinylmation. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My First custom Vinylmation - Step Two - Prepping the Vinyl Toy

Alright ladies and Gents,

the next step after conceptualizing the vinyl toy is to start prepping one. Luckily I had a vinylmation laying around that I didn't care for. This is one of the wrestler vinylmations, i will always take a picture of the vinylmation that gave it's life to be turned into something else (corny i know haha)

Ugly lookin fella huh? So I took some acetone to strip all the paint off the vinylmation and Underneath the is this transparent vinyl. Looks pretty cool. Maybe a future project I will see if i can add something inside the head. Like a flower and do Beast's rose!?!? :O that would awesome!

I then stuck this guy on a bunch of chopsticks and went outside and spray painted a primer on each of the seperate parts. Ahhh a lot of work for a toy haha I primed a 3 vinyl toys at once it looked like a vinylmation graveyard haha.

Here he is primed and ready to painted.

I penciled in a sketch on the toy quickly because i was so excited to start painting. The toy started to come to life just having this blank vinylmation sitting on my desk. 

Here's a little sneak peak at my first attempt. Looks horrific i know. It was caked on of layer of layer of paint because i was messing up with the colors and the painting. OMG i almost got discouraged and was about to stop when I stepped back and looked at this. I actually thought to myself AHHH i should've done a practice vinylmation toy just in case :( My excitement turned to dismay because I was scared i couldn't pull it off. But you'll see tomorrow what I ended up with.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My First Custom Vinylmation - Step 1 - Sketch Concept

It's been awhile since I posted anything and I've been super duper busy with the holidays and everything. But for the next few days you are all in for a treat, this is a project I've been working on, and it ended up looking awesome!

For all of you who go to disneyland, you know what these guys are. They're Vinylmations. You guys who follow my blog know that i drew a "disneyfied" portrait of my fiance and I so I thought, hey, it would be cool to to take those designs and put it on a vinylmation and then we would have vinylmations that look like us! I've never made a vinyl toy before so I will be posting my progress. It's actually already finished but it always starts out with a concept. 
Maybe they can be cake toppers who knows! But stay tuned.