Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christian & Kristine

Here is a final piece that I just finished. This piece is an early wedding gift or engagement gift i guess for my best friend and his fiance. I wanted to save this for myself and my future wife, but because his fiance is a really huge disney fan, i figured it would be fun to do this, and i know she would love this concept. Turned out much better than I thought in my head. The "disney" style is definitely not easy to emulate. If you want to learn more about my process on this piece read the rest of the post. but otherwise CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO. I love you guys. Oh and you disney buffs, guess what movie they're dressed up as :D
For those of you who do not know my best friend and his fiance here they are. Doesn't look exactly like them but these characters were definitely modeled off of these two :D

I started off with a ton of sketches, and I actually tried to make the sketches look exactly like them. I studied their faces, but I also caricatured their eyes because disney does these really doll like eyes. This initial sketch i tried to get so much of her likeness with bigger eyes.
The more and more i kept referencing disney characters, the eyes are very rounded. The only one that I found that had an almond eye is of course mulan, but if you really study her eyes, it's just angled and still very doll like. So this rough sketch here I rounded up the eyes a little more and made it more cutesy.

Here is the final line drawing. For all the non artist's out there, to do a clean up drawing correctly, you have to literally redraw above the sketch. It's not just tracing. I have to make sure the drawing isn't flat and that every line tells a story and not a clumsy line. Before putting any shading, you can tell that the drawing feels three dimensional. That's what a good line drawing should do and the shading and color just punches up a drawing to look better. It's like icing on the cake. Yea yea yea it's art talk but this is what I do for a living so i am a nerd about it. The final line drawing I rounded up a lot of things, especially the eyes (i guess you have to thank or hate freddie moore for the "disney style"). The eyes really make it a "disney" drawing. Here is a colored version without the details and the shadowing to really punch up the idea that these aren't flat drawings but are characters that can move in a three dimensional space. I really loved how it turned out. I might just continue to do a few of these. It was definitely time consuming. But worth it for the two people i made it for. Hope you guys love it. 

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