Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mini Marvels #1

In honor of the San Diego Comic Con this week (which i wish i was there :(   ) I decided to start what I hope becomes a series of drawings. I was inspired by an artist on FB who's cute characters made me wish I came up with it first. But because this blog is all about me trying different things to find my "style" I decided to do this. Check her stuff out. Just search Pocket Princesses on Facebook you'll fall in love imediately.
But because this blog is about my art here issue NUMBER 1 of Mini Marvels. Couldn't decide what would be the first one I did so I did a homage to one of the craziest fights in comic book history. For those of you who don't know, wolverine almost lost his life to Magneto after magneto sucked all the adimantium from his bones right through his pores. Ouch... and I thought sweating the alchohol from hangovers was bad hehehe. Hope you like it. And I hope to do more soon. 

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