Sunday, June 9, 2013

Himura Kenshin! BATTOSAI

Alrighty so I wanted to do a piece right before fanime for my homage to anime... but then I just recently watched the live action Kenshin Movie. For those of you who watched this anime, it was the first anime I watched (not including pokemon of course :D), and it is one bad ass anime. So when I saw that they created a live action Kenshin movie I was intrigued.
 I must admit, animes to live action films can definitely end up seeming campy or ridiculous because it's hard to translate animation into live action, but this anime I can say was done EXTREMELY WELL. Told multiple stories in a 2 hour time. I definitely recommend it to anyone who's seen the anime or if you havent, definitely check this one out if you love action flicks with a little character development in it. But here are the basic main characters in that movie with the main villain right in the middle. DOPE

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