Sunday, June 16, 2013


Alrighty, I've been totally engulfed with the E3 hooplah all week. Some awesome games are coming out and I'm mostly excited for metal gear, and actually a great deal of games for the wii u. But since the console wars are going to start it a few months and this was the biggest topic, that song totally just crushed microsoft at E3 but this is what its really going to boil down to. Say all you want with what microsoft is doing which in my opinion is definitely ridiculous and arrogant (and thats just me speaking as a consumer) If you dont know what microsoft is doing definitely look into it yourself because it's appalling to the console gaming industry as we know it. But what this war is really going to come down to, is which games are you going to be wanting to play the most. So here is a piece Halo (fighting for Xbox which will be exclusively for xbox systems) vs drake from uncharted which is only playable on the ps4. (Granted im very sure master chief would win in a fight, but if it's any indication of what sony did this past week, master chief will get buried come the holiday season)

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