Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mini Marvels #3

Alrighty here is my weekly post. This week with all the love that I have gotten for my birthday and my engagement, this post seems to be a very appropriate piece. I initially drew this because if the tagline at the bottom was going to be Life Lesson #143: Love always finds a way. And I definitely feel that way because I was able to find a wonderful woman.
But if you're a big comic book geek you know exactly who these two characters are. But what you probably don't know if you're not a big comic geek, this couple is one of the most intriguing couples in comic books. I think their story is better than Scott and Jean (if you don't know who these two are... well your geek cred just went out the window).
Because Rogue cannot have physical contact with anyone, the fact that their relationship bloomed despite not being able to touch eachother just shows how great this love story is. Just one geek spoiler, these two were able to have physical contact at one point in their love story. Gambit basically used his powers like a kinetic condom around his body HAHAHAHA. Look it up.. it's true! haha
But hope you enjoy this, i think it's really cute

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