Monday, September 23, 2013

Mini Marvels # 4

Ok a monday morning post! With the love that has been given to everyone and to me the past few weeks I felt we should change it up with a little bit of hate haha. 
Now for those of you who don't get this sketch, either you have never seen the x-men trilogy or enchanted. I have nothing against James Marsden, as i think he's a fine actor, shoot i loved his portrayal of the prince in Enchanted. But my one (if not many gripes) with the x men movies is... WHY IS THE LEADER OF THE X MEN A WHINY *$&@!. He's the leader, but in the first movie he can't fight amd just zaps his eyes at everything, the second he gets beat up in the first 15 minutes and never seen again, and in the third one THEY KILLED HIM OFF WHILE CRYING LIKE A BABY!!!! GAH! 
Oh well, those movies were still fun wolverine movies. BUT SHOW SOME RESPECT! so here's cyclops taking out his rage. RAWWWWWR!

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