Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well here is the man who most of you are waiting for 2nd year pro Colin Kaepernick.

Now here's my humblest and honest opinion and if you don't like it well... COMMENT hehe.

As someone who has played football and coached football for a long time, I have always said it's not the player, but the system they have been bred in. That is why for the longest time I have been a big (but always complaining) supporter of Alex Smith. He's by all means not a great qb but he wasn't a terrible one like many claim. I always said all he needs is the right Coach and the right system, and he eventually bloomed into a much better player and was on the winning side of tight games (opposed to most of his career where games were lost under 7-10 pts especially in singletary era). That is why I will be the first to admit, i was not a big fan of Kaeps start mid season. Although I will agree that he is much more athletic, I just felt it was very premature to put someone who essentially was a rookie in that position. But I am still a niner fan, and I am glad that this kid has grown so much.
  I was more impressed with his win in ATL than Greenbay. Why you ask? Because he proved to all the nay sayers about the fact that he can't step in the pocket and make the throws he needs to make, that he is just a running qb. And I am glad to see that he was able to make plays like a true qb should, and go on the run only when necessary. He is only going to get better from here on out and as a niner fan, that is very exciting to see.
Keys to victory Sunday for Kaep:
I believe that the Ravens will definitely disguise coverages and play zone to confuse this young man (Much like the falcons gameplan against the niners). Not only does he have to be able to step into the pocket, but he would have to make wiser decisions and be a little bit more accurate underneath. It's ok to become a manager against a good team like the ravens because the game can come down to either one big play, or one mistake. I hope the young qb can be as calm and collected in the pocket as he was in the NFC Championship. Roman and Harbaugh will make the right calls, it's just Kaep has to be smart with the calls that are made. Football isn't just about who the better athlete is, it's literally a human chess match. And I can't wait to see what this man does.

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