Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ok Ok, the last Smith brother on the roster. I had a lot of fun with this one. The hash tag team smith makes me chuckle haha.

Now say what you want about this guy, whether you like him or glad that he's not on the field anymore you have to give credit where credit is do. 8 years on the niners and he always had to fight for a starting position. Doesn't mean he's a great QB but it does mean he is capable of doing the job. And he has done it the past year and because everyone who watches sports have a short memory... the 6-2 start is all thanks to the game managing of this man. And as someone who has been a professional through this whole process you still see him on the sideline with Kaep looking over photos of the defensive coverages and helping the young QB bloom.
This sunday will most likely be the last time Alex Smith will be in a niner jersey (and probably SF hat haha). So I would like to say, thank you sir.

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