Monday, January 21, 2013

The Cowboy

Hello Football Fans and Most of all NINER FANS!

I know this way more than a week early but I was on a roll today on the BART. But here is the Niner I consider the most overlooked in the eyes of many fans. If you love the sack leader of the Niners (Aldon Smith) then you have to thank his brother. JUSTIN SMITH! If you think that all the tackles from the two inside linebackers are incredible, They thank this man for his help on the inside.

Coaching for linemen and primarily D-line for 10 years, let me drop some football knowledge.... it is this man who takes on the double team inside that frees Aldon smith on the outside. Aldon Smith can play the outside contain not letting anyone get to the outside of him) because he knows his brother has the inside gaps. It is this man, who wreaks havoc on the gaurd and center occupying them so that our inside linebackers to step up and make a tackle.

This is why I pick Justin Smith as my first Niner sketch till the superbowl. Stay tuned for more as we countdown to our QUEST FOR SIX!

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