Thursday, December 12, 2013

My First custom Vinylmation - Step 3 Painting!

Alrighty, what you all have been waiting for the final painted product. This isn't it obviously. If you saw my last post this was my first pass. The colors were wrong, the paint was blochy, omg i was so sad after looking at it because it looked nothing like my concept drawing. 

But of course i have to show you what happened after that first pass. Ahhh that scared me. So the inner painter in me just said, why am I trying to do a paint by numbers painting (especially because it's looking horrific) and i should just paint the skin tone and just paint on top of that the face features. For those of you who aren't artist when I say paint by numbers, think of a childs coloring book that marks what colors go in what section.
So here was my second pass, I painted over the last monstrocity and got something closer to what I wanted. I didn't get skin color right yet, but the eyes were starting to look like my draing. I wish i took more pictures before the next photo, because it was a battle of painting over and over the same spot I actually had to take some sand paper and sand down all the paint starting to pile up on the figure.

Well here is the head. Got the colors that i wanted and the features pretty close to my sketch. When I got to this point i got super excited! I thought to myself wow, I almost pulled it off. Although there is a ton of paint on the figure and i wasn't able to sand it all down so it's not as smooth as i would like. But it was starting to come alive!

I took all the pieces and i used a gloss spray paint. In retrospect i probably shouldv'e Painted it with the same kind of paint I used but i wanted a more even coat than what I got. LOOK IT'S A MOUSE BURGLAR hahaha. 

Some last Minute touch up on the jacket painting on the lapel and the undershirt and the cuffs. And wow, he looks ready!

Here's a full turnaround of the figure. No I did not make 5 of them HAHA.

If i decide to do more of these, I will definitely post a pic of the person I did the vinylmation for holding it. First custom vinyl toy.... CHECK! WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?! Did I pull it off? Stay tuned for my fiance's vinylmation. 

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