Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My First custom Vinylmation - Step Two - Prepping the Vinyl Toy

Alright ladies and Gents,

the next step after conceptualizing the vinyl toy is to start prepping one. Luckily I had a vinylmation laying around that I didn't care for. This is one of the wrestler vinylmations, i will always take a picture of the vinylmation that gave it's life to be turned into something else (corny i know haha)

Ugly lookin fella huh? So I took some acetone to strip all the paint off the vinylmation and Underneath the is this transparent vinyl. Looks pretty cool. Maybe a future project I will see if i can add something inside the head. Like a flower and do Beast's rose!?!? :O that would awesome!

I then stuck this guy on a bunch of chopsticks and went outside and spray painted a primer on each of the seperate parts. Ahhh a lot of work for a toy haha I primed a 3 vinyl toys at once it looked like a vinylmation graveyard haha.

Here he is primed and ready to painted.

I penciled in a sketch on the toy quickly because i was so excited to start painting. The toy started to come to life just having this blank vinylmation sitting on my desk. 

Here's a little sneak peak at my first attempt. Looks horrific i know. It was caked on of layer of layer of paint because i was messing up with the colors and the painting. OMG i almost got discouraged and was about to stop when I stepped back and looked at this. I actually thought to myself AHHH i should've done a practice vinylmation toy just in case :( My excitement turned to dismay because I was scared i couldn't pull it off. But you'll see tomorrow what I ended up with.

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